Free Slots for Fun: Where Playing Online is No Longer a Gamble

Fruit machines, one arm bandits, slots or pokies, whatever you know them by, free slots for fun are the most popular casino games around. It’s hard to describe the feeling when the reels line up and all 5 symbols line up next to each other providing a jackpot win. Whether you are playing for real money or just playing for fun, it’s that feeling of euphoria that makes it all worthwhile. There are all sorts of websites that you can visit that provide this opportunity and throughout this review, we will look at some of the best sites available to give you these games.

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Millions of players from all over the world enjoy the experience when they play slots for fun

Gone are the days when people are only playing casino games for real money. For years, it was assumed that it was the high jackpots that keep people interested in the games, but since the launch of the free casino slots online for fun options, it’s clear to see that it is actually the game play as opposed to the cash wins that is what make them popular.

Free slots are exactly what it says, the newest and most played machines, with all of the same hidden features, the same enjoyable game play and the same excited feeling as the reels are spinning, the only thing that differs is the risk players are taking.

The value of slots for fun can never be minimalised as it is such a useful tool to have in your locker

You can check out all the options that are available for reviews and help and look at different sites such as for games that are available to play for free. So many players are introducing the free style into their play for many different reasons, some of the more popular reasons are as follows:

  • Practice – This is probably the most common reason. There are so many different types of slots games that have different conditions to get to the bonus features that rather than go through a lot of money finding the best way, players are deciding to play for free and learn the games inside out, giving them an advantage when they are ready to play for real money.
  • Limits – A lot of players know what they wish to spend on a daily or weekly basis so they choose to put limits on their accounts, not allowing them to go over their chosen deposit amount on any given day. Once they reach their limit, they may wish to carry on playing so free slots is the perfect way in which to do so.
  • Personal Choice – With so many sites like that offer a high number of free games, some customers don’t feel the need to gamble their money. They are genuinely playing just for fun. It’s not the start of something or a way to help them win more money, it is a hobby, it is literally them just enjoying the art of free slots for fun.
  • Developing preferences – When new slots games are released, which in this market is very regularly, customers won’t know whether this is one of the games they choose to spend their money on or not so by playing the free version of the game for a few spins or a few hours, they then have the knowledge as to whether they want to play this for big money.

There is no right or wrong reason as to why people play for free but it is something that more players are choosing to do every day so take advantage of the opportunity available, whatever the reason is for you.

You also have the chance to obtain bonuses for slots, even when you are playing these games for free

Just because you may not wish to gamble real money, does not mean that you cannot win real money. There are many websites that give you the opportunity to win real money while not depositing any of your own. The three most popular ways to win real money while playing for free are as follows:

  • No deposit bonus – There are a lot of cash casinos that allow their customer unlimited game time on any of their slots on a play for free basis. When you join these casinos, they can have a no deposit bonus available as a welcome bonus, allowing you to use that bonus on the real money games, getting real cash wins, and when your no deposit bonus runs out, you can then continue to play in the free play mode.
  • Free Spins – Similar to the no deposit bonus, on a site that has free games and cash games, when you sign up, you may receive hundreds of free spins as a welcome gift, allowing you to use them on the cash games and then, again, moving over to the free games after you are done.
  • Leader Boards – There are many free sites that work on a leader board basis where you obtain points rather than dollars during your game play, and once a week or once a month, the top accounts will win real money prizes or holidays or a host of other top prizes. There is enough information available to find the best places to find these.

The fact that you are playing all of these games for free, don’t ever feel the need to rush. Take your time to compare the different sites around and the different options that they provide to you.

You’re probably wondering where to find these majestic sites that allow you to win real money

That is the best news, there are literally thousands of sites that provide you with the chance to play slot machines online for fun and result with you winning real money at the same time. Canadians are able to find a good site easy enough with the links provided. Any Springboks can find free slots for fun to play online online without having to register to play first. Wherever you are playing from, the secret is to really be selective when you play.

We know what people are really looking for when a night of casino slots is on the agenda for them

There are thousands of slots games to choose from and each of them offer something different. Some may be the layout of the machine itself, some may be the genre of the game, some may be as simple as the popularity of the game, that you’ve heard good things about it, here we look at some of the top titles around:

  • Double Diamond – This has a very retro feel to it. It runs of the original 3 reel format and has the popular symbols of bars, sevens and cherries and has the double diamond symbol for the jackpot. It has a 4 times multiplier feature and has always been a popular choice.
  • Gonzo Quest – This 5 reel slot has an Aztec theme to it. It is one of the Netent video slots, who are one of the top names in slots and it boasts 243 ways to win. What makes this game stand out is that it doesn’t work as the generic reel spinning style, the symbols are tiles and they drop in to the screen and then disappear through the bottom once the wins are calculated.
  • Thousands of others – It’s impossible to list all of the top titles as there are literally thousands. All of the big-name machines that are popular in Las Vegas have an online presence as do the big titles in New Jersey.

There really is a game for everyone. The idea is to cover every genre, every theme, retro games, futuristic games, slots based on your favourite sports team, your favourite movie or tv show, the variety of slots games available far outdoes any other type of casino game around the world.

From where slots came from to where they are now is a massive evolution of the online gaming world

From the old one armed bandits in the late 1800’s to the beautiful graphics of the online slots today, it’s safe to say that slots have come a long way over the years. The interesting thing is they haven’t tried to alter a winning formula too much. The main concept behind the game is exactly the same, pull the lever/press the button and match the symbols. Something so simplistic yet has given millions of people over the years, so much enjoyment. When online slots or video slots where first introduced, players were a little apprehensive as they believe it was easier to rig these than the original machines, but as that conspiracy theory was put to bed, more people fell in love with the online version and that leads us to its popularity today.

The legality of online slots for US players has always been a bit of a confusing area for the player

The laws seem to change so frequently that it can seem an impossible task to keep up to date with them. As a US player, it is legal to bet online. Whether that be through an online casino, a sports book or any other type of bet, you can place your wager knowing that you are doing so legally. As long as you are not doing so in a casino that is based in the US. This may sounds a bit silly but this is the law, you can bet in casinos based out of the Caribbean, Australia, certain locations in Europe, but you cannot bet from an online casino in the US. In a market that generates over a billion dollars a year, it is always best to know what restrictions you have depending on the locality that you are betting from.

Whatever the reasons you are playing online slots, remember the main point is to enjoy yourself

From the back room of a bar to the bright lights of Vegas to having thousands of slots available from your front room at the touch of a button. Slots will always be one of the top earners in the casino industry for the following reasons:

  • Adaptability – The software of a slots game can easily be changed to suit a new players preference. If a new TV show comes out that has unlimited popularity, there will be an online slot game associated with it within days, this lets the player feel they have a connection with the game.
  • Jackpots – Slots are one of the few casino games where you can wager a low bet and win a life changing amount of money. There are online slots machines that offer tens of millions of dollars in a single jackpot, wagering a minimal amount of money. People love the thought that they can log on, play their favourite game and change their lives forever.
  • Simple to use – Anyone that’s ever played slots know how easy they are to use. Yes, there may be hidden features that it will take a certain amount of experience to understand fully, but the general concept behind the game is extremely easy. Spin the reels and match the symbols, depending on the symbols will depend on the prize won. It really is that easy.

We hope this review of free online slots has been useful to you. There are many other games that are available in a free format. You can try the likes of roulette, poker, blackjack, pretty much all of the big casino games are available in free mode. You can also look at free bingo games if you’re having a good time with the rest of these. With free casino games, you have an opportunity to learn how to play all of the most popular games that can win you serious money so start playing today.

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