IPL 2021: How to bet on the cricket online

IPL cricket betting IPL cricket betting

Cricket online betting is one of the avenues where you can make quick and easy cash as long as you know your way around. It's no secret that cricket is a prominent sport in India, attracting thousands of viewers and TV rights. As a result, the Indian Premier League (IPL) is an interesting event for betters all around the world.

However, the process of IPL online betting seems to be vague to a lot of people. If you're looking to start but don't know how, this article is all you need. We have put together a step-by-step approach on how to bet on online cricket IPL 2021.

How do I access IPL betting online?

The first thing you should know about online betting on IPL is the fact that you cannot bet directly. Therefore, this means that you need a licensed third party middle man to provide access to bets. These third-party organizations actually run their individual systems to bet on cricket, allowing users to stake and win based on the outcomes of games in the actual league. You can always keep track of the games being played by visiting cricketworld.com.

To stake IPL bets, you have to choose your preferred betting site or cricekt bookies from the list of licensed organizations available. Some of the most popular IPL betting sites are:

  • Bet 365
  • Betway
  • 10CRIC
  • Spin Palace
  • Dafabet
  • 1xBet

However, do note that each of these sites has different registration procedures and requirements before allowing users to bet on cricket online. They are all excellent options and licenses too, therefore you can choose your most preferred, though we would be using bet365 as an example in this article.

Keep in mind that most of these sites have IPL betting apps for the convenience of betting from your mobile phone if you do not wish to always visit their site.

How to create an account on Bet365?

Follow the procedure below to open an account on Bet 356:

  • Visit their official website
  • Click on join now
  • Complete the registration procedure to open an account and supply all the necessary details
  • Finally, confirm your email by following the link they would send after completing your registration

Also, note that the procedure for opening an account on other betting sites too are more or less the same. Simply visit their official website and click the "join us" or "create an account" or "register" button.

The choice of the deposit option

After creating an account, you are to proceed to choose a deposit option. This is because you would need to fund your newly created account before accessing cricket online betting to make a stake. Without this, you cannot bet. The most common deposit options are:

  • Debit cards
  • ecoPayz
  • Neteller
  • Credit cards
  • Skrill
  • Neosurf
  • Astropay
  • Entropay

Depending on your choice of preference, you can choose which best works for you. However, the most commonly used options are credit or debit cards, as they are also the simplest to use. Another alternative option is through prepaid cards or e-wallets, which although are more difficult to set up, are far more reliable (e.g. Skrill, Neosurf, Astropay, etc.).

To register your preferred means of funding, simply visit the site or mobile application and select your payment option. After this, follow the prompt till completion, and you are ready to fund your account. Also, note that you must have more than the amount you intend to transfer to your betting account in your funding account.

Lastly, from here on, all you need to do is input the amount you intend to fund your betting account with, and it would be debited from your funding account.

What are odds in IPL bets?

If you have gotten to this stage, then you are ready to actually start betting. However, you need to know a few things before you proceed, like the meaning of "odds." Odds determine the overall implication and outcome of your bet, therefore, they are very important, and you must understand them.

Odds are represented by decimal or whole numbers and are displayed in front of a game before kickoff. Most sites display two different numbers before and during a game, with each number representing each team playing.

How do odds work?

For example, assuming a game is to be played between Team A and Team B, with the odd stated under each tab to be 1.15 and 2.20. This means that Team A carries 1.15 odds, while Team B carries 2.20 odds. Your bet carries the odds assigned to the team you bet on. This means that if you bet on Team A, then your earnings are calculated according to 1.15 odds, while it is 2:20 for Team B.

Speaking practically, betting $10 on Team A, which carries 1.15 odds, means that your earnings would be $10 multiplied by the odd of 1.15, which is $11.5. This would be your total earnings if Team A wins, with $10 as your bet and $1.5 your actual earnings. On the flip side, if you lose, you do not get any returns regardless of the amount of bet you placed at it.

With that knowledge, you can estimate your earnings by multiplying your wager (amount of bet) by the odds. However, most of these betting sites display your stakes and equivalent win on a live sheet while betting. This is to save you the stress of calculating by yourself.

How to place a bet?

Once again, using bet365 as our guide, simply follow the procedure below to place a bet.

  • Firstly, visit their official site and log into your account
  • Select the options button at the top corner, and click on the sport you want to bet on, which in this case is cricket
  • Several cricket matches would be displayed to you, and you can filter it to your preferred league by selecting the IPL.
  • Select the matches you want to bet on, choosing how much you intend to stake.
  • Finally, click on "Place Bet."

Note that this procedure to staking a bet is generally the same with all betting websites, as there are only little variations depending on the website's design. Therefore, although it might take a few seconds, you would surely find your way around the site.

As long as you can study team performances, and choose the right odd balance, you are on the right track to winning on IPL cricket betting. As a guide, you can always consult your preferred best IPL prediction site.